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Mettler - Regular Sewing

METROSENE is tearproof, abrasion resistant, has optimal elongation, and comes in stunningly intense colors that shimmer with a silky gloss.

CORDONNET is an excellent sewing thread for decorative sewing projects that is suitable for buttonholes, appealing topstitch, and decorative seams.

SILK-FINISH COTTON 40 is a thicker100% long-staple Egyptian cotton thread that is ideal for creating beautiful decorative seams and embroidery patterns.

SILK-FINISH COTTON 50 thread can be your companion for a great variety of projects whether for quilting, sewing or matt embroidery.

SILK-FINISH COTTON 60 is the right high-quality cotton sewing thread for a great variety of projects such as batiste, tulle, cotton, linen or terry.

info icon While every effort is made to represent color accurately, every monitor is different and we cannot guarantee the colors you see match the colors of actual fabric or threads.

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