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Jenny Haskins 3D Embroidery Magic

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3D Embroidery Magic is an embroidery collection that is made up of amazing floral and quilting designs that literally spring into life when steam and heat are applied to the embroidery. These extra large designs are embroidered over Krinkle Magic and fabric, and then cut around using either scissors or Jenny’s Magic Heat-Cutting tool. An iron is then held above the design, with steam bursts onto the embroidery. As if by ‘magic’ a flower bursts into life with the petals curling and shrinking before your very eyes! The quilting designs are amazing also, by adding a layer of Quilt Magic on top of the Krinkle Magic under the fabric, a quilting design magically puffs up when steam and heat are applied, resulting in a sensational texture for quilted blocks. The creative possibilities are endless for these designs which will be featured in Creative Expressions No 31. Detailed directions, steps and on how best to use the 3D Embroidery Magic designs are included in the file.

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