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Ottlite - Lighting for Needle Arts

Sewing, embroidery, quilting, crochet, knitting – no matter the type of needle art you’re working on, having OttLite task lighting will make all the difference. From floor lamps, magnifying lamps and battery operated lamps for portable lighting, OttLite has a variety of lamps so you can see details clearly and colors accurately!

Ottlite - Crafting Lamps

When it’s time to craft the last thing you want is to not be able to see all those small pieces. Grab an OttLite task lamp and get ready to see details you never knew existed! Going to a craft class or show? Take an OttLite battery powered lamp along. Finally got that great crafting room? Try a standing lamp or even a magnifier lamp. Don’t have a lot of room – our LED desk lamps fit the bill. OttLite’s natural daylight illumination gives crafters clear details, true colors and reduced glare & eyestrain.

Daylight - Sewing and Quilting Lighting

You are an artist who creates with your hands and eyes, you sew! Your creations make people happy, they wrap people up and make them warm, they comfort them during moments of great distress or intense happiness. They dress someone on a special occasion – perhaps a wedding or the first cloth that touches a new born child – or not occasion at all. You are an artist. A creator. Your hands and eyes are your tools. Your imagination and effort are what help you deliver these works that bring warmth and love and laugher and memories and inspiration to others. Your hands and eyes need to work under light that shines for you and helps you see what others don’t yet see, your light is a Daylight! 

Surelight - Task Lighting Products

At Triangle we carry a large variety of task lighting from three manufacturers for sewing, embroidery or other crafts.  Come on into the store for more info, call us  or complete our contact form if you are wanting a particular light.  We have a good stock of lights or can also order in what you need.

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