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ROWENTA STEAMFORCE Extremely powerful burst of steam

With its unsurpassed versatility, ease of operation and host of automatic safety features, the SteamForce is a professional-quality clothing iron ideal for those who find themselves ironing often. It makes it effortless to remove wrinkles in record time, with easy-to-use controls and adjustable steam settings to accommodate all kinds of garments and home linens.

Product Benefits

  • POWERFUL PERFORMANCE - A continuous steam output up to 35 g/min for great crease removal and a powerful 210 g/minute steam boost to perfectly smooth out stubborn creases, perfect for dry and thick fabrics, with help of the spray if necessary. 1800 W of power enables a fast heat-up time.
  • PRECISE IRONING - Precision tip for good ironing results down to the last detail. Easy access to difficult areas such as narrow edges, seams and collars.
  • COMFORTABLE IRONING - Enhanced ergonomics and advanced design produce a handle with a high-comfort grip in the hand.
  • HIGH AUTONOMY - Large 11.8 oz water tank for ironing high quantities of linen without the need of a refill.
  • EASY VERTICAL STEAMING - Steaming of delicate and large garments is made easy with the vertical steam feature, ideal for getting creases out of suits and other hanging garments, even curtains.
  • INTEGRATED ELECTRONIC STEAM PUMP - Up to 30% more steam into the fabric* thanks to the integrated electronic steam pump.
  • OPTIMAL TEMPERATURE VISIBILITY - Ready temp system with LED display indicating when the soleplate has reached the appropriate temperature according to the selected fabric. Ideal for delicates, perfect for garment protection.
  • STEAM OPTIMIZATION - Motion sensor smart electronic technology which stops variable steam when the iron is not moving, even when left on horizontal position. It optimizes water tank autonomy and avoids wasting steam.
  • ANTI CALC - Integrated anti-scale valve for more durability and ensures a constant flow of steam for better performance and longer life

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