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GARMENT SEWING & ALTERATIONS $50.00 + HST (each) Thursday November 2nd, 10:30 am - 4:30 pm

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$50.00 + HST (each)

10:30 am - 4:30 pm

Thursday October 19th

OR Thursday November 2nd
OR Thursday November 16th
OR Saturday December 16th
OR Saturday January 13th
OR Thursday February 22nd

Do you want to make some custom clothing? Items that fit you better than store bought. Or maybe you need to alter something you already have. Either way, Rouby will help you through the process. Choose any date(s) that suits your schedule. With her help, experience and talent, you will have a great experience and a well fitted garment.

Supply list

If you are using your own machine:

*The machine is in good working order with manual

*The machine has standard accessories (regular foot, zipper foot, screwdriver, lint brush etc.)

Sewing supplies

*Note pad and pen

*Measuring tape (60``)

*Scissors for cutting

*Small scissors for ``snipping threads``

*Stitch ripper

*Seam gauge

*Pins 1`` to 1 1/2 " in length

*Marking tool (pencil, chalk, erasable marker)

*Carbon tracing paper

*Tracing wheel

*Sewing needle

*Extra machine needles size 80/12 for cotton, 90/14 if using denim or heavy fabric.

*Extra bobbins

*Matching color threads

Follow the sizing, material and supplies required on the back of your pattern.

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