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​INTERLOCKED- RULER QUILTING WITH LONG ARM MACHINES Monday November 13th, 10:30 am - 4:30 pm

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Monday November 13th, 10:30 am - 4:30 pm

$100.00 +HST

Interlocked is a quilt designed for practicing the use of rulers for Long Arm & Domestic Machine ruler work. This class is oriented to teach Long Arm Machine Owners how to use rulers to quilt. Because a long arm machine is not portable, you are encouraged to bring your domestic machine. Robin will discuss how to use the rulers and provide tips for success with your long arm machine. If you don’t own a long arm but are thinking about it? That’s ok too, bring your domestic machine to class and be inspired! Featuring Amanda Murphy Good Measure Rulers and more, Robin will share rulers, so you get an idea of what rulers work for you.

Supplies Needed:

  1. Interlocked pattern- available at Triangle Sewing $12.00
  2. If you wish to do the quilt with different colours, please refer to pattern instructions.
  3. 3.The quilt top should be sewn together prior to the class (it is quick to sew together)
  4. Please have your quilt sandwiched & basted ready for class (with a backing & batting about 8” wider and longer than the quilt top)
  5. A sewing machine in good working order
  6. Your machine manual
  7. A ruler foot to fit your machine
  8. Optional but recommended-Largest Sewing surface for your sewing machine (ie; acrylic sew easy table)
  9. Optional but recommended -Supreme Slider
  10. Rulers if your have them (Robin will also share hers).
  11. Thread to match your project
  12. Small scissors
  13. Machingers or finger grips (optional but helpful)
  14. Marker for cross hatching (Chaco Liner, blue wash out marker, Frixion pen)
  15. Centering stencil (optional) or straight line ruler work ruler

Your lunch as this is a full day workshop

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